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How to Scale Student Printing & Generate New Revenue

It’s no secret that all students need to print at school. However, being able to provide the best printing experience to students and scaling it is challenging and time-consuming. Printing through the cloud is a powerful way to scale your student’s printing experience while reducing print-related issues. Learn how to easily support your student printing experience, generate new revenue through the cloud, and massively scale your student printing – without working any harder.

How to Scale Hospitality Printing & Bring New Value to Your Business

As more hotel guests travel with their laptop and mobile devices, having access to reliable and secure mobile printing is a necessary hotel service. Enabling a Cloud Printing Solution for Hospitality is the most powerful way to deploy convenient printing across thousands of properties to be used by your customers worldwide.

Give your guests the ability to print their documents from any device to any designated printer at the hotel business center, hallways, executive rooms and lounges, or at the front desk.

The Future of Campus Printing

No matter the advancements, the fact is that students still need to (and DO) print. Despite the major advancements in technology that has created a savvy, mobile-connected modern student, the tech services institutions provide often fail to address their needs and deliver it in a way that is both convenient, accessible, and cost-effective.

Join us for a thoughtful discussion on the latest trends in student printing, an examination of the very real problems printing can pose to school IT administrators, and potential solutions.

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